Thursday, 10 July 2008

I also made a pin cushion! I just love this purple felt i can't wait to buy some more. :)

And i finished my Cross stich for the kitchen, yet again it is not a stanard size i was so convinced i had a frame that would fit, but when i tried to frame it, it just didn't look right. So it will go in the bag of unframed projects for now.

And this is My practise embroidery, i made a terrible boo boo with this. I drew on the material with pencil, and it will not come off, i have washed it once so i'm hoping another wash may work. My hubby said he can't notice it much, but i know it's there so it bugs me. I will still make a cushion out of it for my bed though, no one else will see it except me, (oh and who ever reads this ;)) my sitching needs a lot of work, so expect lots of practise items first.

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Jenny said...

I enjoyed seeing the things you have been making out of felt. I have a bit of a felt 'thang' going on from time to time too! It's and interesting, forgiving and no fuss medium with instant results. What's not to love? Jen