Tuesday, 1 July 2008

I'm busy trying to get a cross stitch finished, hence the no posting for a few days :)
I have nearly finished, but i don't seem to have enough green cotton so i'm off today to buy some more.
I also bought the first few peices of material for my very first quilt. Which i won't be starting until a few weeks. I am absolutley crap at cutting, seriously i think i may need two lots of material one to mess up with the cutting and one set that i finally cut straight enough to use in a quilt. I'm going to have a black, white and red theme.
Oh i also found a little bargain in W.h smith, red and white polka dot pencils for 12P as my sis inlaw would say. "Ohhhh bargain, or what"
I also seem to have cut my fingers 3 times i'm not sure how, i only noticed them when i cleaned the kitchen yesterday ouch they hurt when they went in the water. Which was good because i got he son to wash the pots that night. :)

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