Saturday, 30 August 2008


I'm looking forward to the darker nights, the crisp evenings, hot chocolate with whipped cream, homemade soups with crusty bread, and my winter woolies coming out of the wardrobe. I do love the Autumn and Winter :) I even like the rain as long as we get a few dry days inbetween :) Plus it is the best time of year to sit indoors and willow away the evenings stitching.
Since Mondays is a new month, i am going to try and do something crafty everyday. No matter how small it is. I hardly crafted at all this month, due to visitors and health, but i plan on making September a stitchy, crafty, knitty month ;)


Dormouse said...

Hello! I finally remembered to check out your blog.

Very nice work!

Dotty said...

Yeah :) you have to start yours back up now. the alst time you posted was 2007 ;)

Dormouse said...

I know. I was SO lazy. There was just nothing interesting happening and I'd got out of the habit of posting when I was having computer problems.

It was weird though. When I stopped doing it I got emails, from people I didn't know and who had never commented on my blog, wondering where I was.

Dotty said...

I had a proper look around your blog today, wow you have done some amazing works! I left lots of comments lol :)

Dormouse said...

I'll have to check them out.

I have made a new entry, just for you. xxx