Wednesday, 27 August 2008

Buttons :)

Did i mention i have a love of buttons. I bought some bright Orange polka dot ones the other day from the market. But i also have found i have a bad habbit of buying things with lovely buttons on just to cut off.
Let me explain, i saw some knickers on offer, i did not need new undies but they did how ever have lovely blue star buttons on :) Well at 50P a pair, i got three new buttons and another pair of undies ;)
And i think my hubby is scared of buying any item of clothing with any where near decent buttons on, since i also cut them recentley of my p.j's, my shirt, and a very old jacket :)
Erm i think i may have to go to "buttons anonymous group"

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Katherine said...

Hi Dotty!
I must confess that I have a button addiction that sounds similar to yours. I have been known to buy clothes from the second hand stores - just for their buttons! My most coveted buttons are the ones that are from my great grandmother's collection. Apparently, my tendencies to collect buttons is genetic ;o)

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