Thursday, 13 November 2008

I made a little apron for my niece for Christmas. She is only two, when i made her sister one she wanted to wear it all the time.
I hope it fits her, because because she doesn't live near me, so i can't check until i send it to her.

I also must remember to use the view screen on the camera, my photo's are so bad i seem to leave bits out all the time lol. (i'm secretly hoping tha i can get a new camera with better pixels next year for my birthday) Not that a better camera will make me a btter photographer i probably will always be crap :)

Has anyone bought the first issue of "Sew hip"? I did, and i love it :) There is cute kitty in there i'm going to make once i have finished the rest of my Xmas gifts. There is also a very cute bag pattern which i will use to make my sisters bag for her birthday in Febuary. I can't wait until i can get started on some of the projects in there.

Another Grey rainy, rainy day today. I think i will make scones with Clotted cream and Jam to
remind me of the Summer :)

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