Monday, 8 December 2008

I made some more Xmas ornaments. I made these for my sis inlaw, but i'm not sure i want to let the tree go.
Speaking of the tree i got the idea from "b&q" (a d.i.y store which also sells xmas stuff this time of year) they had some thing very simular, and i thought "hey i can make those" so i came home and i did make one of those! :)

I also thought i would post a photo of my russian doll set, i have had this for 7 years now. And i also thought i would post a pic of the tin my hubby bought me a few weeks ago. I have also seen this tin in green, and i think my son will be getting that one for me, for Xmas. :)
This one is going to be the new home for my buttons.


Heleen said...

Your x-mas ornaments are great, I would keep one or two for myself...
Love the matroushka's!

Dotty said...

thankyou! x