Friday, 3 July 2009

Sunshine and aprons.

I am loving this glorious sunshine. I don't think i can remember the last time Our English weather was so sunny for more than 3 days ;) (ok yesterday was foggy and rainy, but before that it was sunny for 5 days Woohoo! And i'm hoping we will get 5 more.

I have managed to get some crafting time in, i made this apron for my friend. When she came to my house she loved my pink washing up bowl and sink drainer so much, that she went and bought her own. So now she has a pink pinny to match. :)

I also made my hubby an apron, but it got used as soon i had finished making it and is now in the wash. Because it got full of his yummy cooking. (so i don't have a picture of it.) I will try and get a pic when it's dry.
His only request keep it plain, i am sure he thought it would end up with love hearts and flowers embroidered on it lol. but instead i kept restraint and just added a pirate pocket.

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