Tuesday, 12 January 2010

Shoe bag :)

I bought my niece a lovely pair of Pink polka dot pumps, they were so cute so i made her this bag to keep them safe. :)

At the moment i am working on a dolly sized quilt to get me back into to crafting after the few weeks i have had off, due to bad health.
I loved the button combination on this, i think i am getting the hang of finishing my projects better. :)

I have seen the most delightful colouring book in Past times, it has to be the most perfect for templets for stitching, but it is £4 now i know that isn't a lot of money, but it seems so exspensive for a COLOURING book, and i am not sure i can bring myself to buy it lol. So i keep going in there to see if it has been reduced. I may just have to hold my breathe.... and spend four pounds on the most exspensive colouring book i have ever seen. : )

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Dormouse said...

That bag is adorable. I can see why everyone wants one. Hell even I want to go and make one and all I ever wear is muddy walking boots!!! :D