Tuesday, 15 June 2010

Summer stitching.

I loved stitching this for my little Neice Aleysha. It came together so quickly, it only took abobut four days, the chart was in Junes "cross stitcher" i changed the wings and added the name myself because i wanted to personalise it for her. because it came together so quickly I know this will be one of those last minute present ideas. (well if i remember four days before)

I also tried to make a russian doll, but she looks rather sad, i have al ist of mistakes,
she is too small,
her apron is to big,
i'm not happy with the face
i'm not sure if that swirl on the side of her face looks like a growth
And her rightside is rather wonky
but still my hubby loved her and asked could he keep it. (i think he likes odd things, well he did marry me ;) )
So i think i need much more practise in the doll making depratment.

It's beautiful here today so i'm to sit in the back garden eat a cheese an pickle sandwhich and do some cross stitching :) x

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