Sunday, 11 March 2012

Feet behind the name?

There is a thread over on the Folksy forum, "A face behind the name" I have no clue how to post a picture over there unless it is a linked back to Folksy, so thought i would share on my blog instead.

So i thought i would start off by showing you my feet, i know a little silly right? :) But i'm working up to posting a pic of myself.

  This is my favourite skirt at the moment, it's from Laura Ashley and i bought it in the January sales for £18, it was a third of the original price, and the gorgeous foot wear were my xmas pressie from the son. I know they look silly but they are the comfiest slippers i have ever worn. I kind of wish i could wear them outside, but i can't unless i want to look like a right nutter. So you will be pleased to know i do change them when i leave the house.

 This is my sense humour. I took this photo because i thought it looked like Giant blue boobs with paper nipple tassel's. My hubby on the other hand thinks I'm insane, and i have no idea why.

My favourite drink is a cappuccino. Which i love to share with people i love, i could go for a cappucino over a glass of wine any day, i know boring right.

 Morticia Addams is my awe inspiring woman. She had her own style, didn't care what others thought of her, and she was always being artistic and crafty, she had a great sense of humour, and well i was goth for a little while as a teenager, but i just like to call it my Morticia phase.

And well here is my mush, and this is all my family behind me, i live a fair bit away from my family, so i have 2 of these hug frames with photos of everyone i love in them.
I turn 38 this year, and i love sci fi, and 70's horror films.
 I married a geek and he married a geek too, we then gave birth to a  geek.
My dad once said i remind him of Pheobe from Friends, i wasn't too sure if i was glad or mad for that one, since well she is a little more than whacky. :)

So i think thats about it all covered. The face and a bit of a peek into the face behind Maisy Lee Designs.

Love and silly slippers
Donna x


Anonymous said...

I love cappuccinos too! However, I am now very into triple espresso con pannas.

Love this post, Donna! And you look as beautiful as ever! XOXO

helen @ forty percent fringe: sixty percent face said...

Cappuccino, yum! Not sure I'd chose it over wine though.. Ha :) Hx