Friday, 16 March 2012

Irish Bodhrun

The Ireland/ St Patricks day challenge over on the Folksy forum was so much fun to do. I don't know if you have seen how some of the Bodhrun's are decorated? But they are always full of tradition, and heritage. These drums inspired me to make this, hand embroidered hoop. The little musical notes are pewter in colour, but i love how it looks Gold in the last photo. After all isn't there  lot's of pots of it hidden all over Ireland by lots of little Leprchuans.
One year when i was really little, My Uncle Frank told me that one of those pots of gold was in my Grans garden. I spent hours and hours looking for it. There was one little coin he left in the garden that i found, and i got all excited because i thought i was close. Little did i know it was a ploy to keep me quite all day long. He did give me some sweets and a Harmonica, and some chocolate coins to keep me happy. But i never did find that pot of gold, but maybe you will though. So lots of love and luck to ya. But I get first dibs!

I love how one theme can bring out so many different things. Some of the things people made, were featured on is the front page of Folksy today, which is always a good thing for any seller, since it can bring lots of traffic to your shop.  Heres the front page.  All the entires were lovely and so unique, they al can be seen on the lovely Jo saras Pinterest board
Hope every one has a lovely St Paddy's day tomorrow.

Love and Luck Donna Marie


Anonymous said...

Happy St. Patrick's Day, to you too!

Jax said...

A belated Happy St Paddys Day to you Maisy.
Just been reading your lovely blog, you sound like a true crafter, what with buttons all over the floor, nothings ever confind to one spot is it lol.
Jax x