Tuesday, 9 September 2008

Busy bee, and back to dots : )

I have been busy trying to get a cross stitch finished, but in the process i seem to have started two new projects. :)
I did how ever manage to finish a small project, which is a little pin cushion head, which will be named "polly pin head" I made her for a friend but she is one of those first makes which your never to sure if they're good enough to give away as a present or not. (i'm also not sure if i like her mouth or not)
I am also trying to make a new bag, which is made from an idea in my head and i'm not really sure how or if it will come together.
Oh and last night in bed i decided to start a little embroidery project lol.
I have an idea over load at the moment and i'm trying not to start to many things.
I also decided i didn't like the pink blog layout, who would of believed it.

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Dormouse said...

I like the dotty blog best. :)

Polly Pinhead is really cute. I think her mouth is fine.

So many projects!!! I'm bad at that too. I keep having ideas and have to fight to actually finish the things I have started.