Tuesday, 16 September 2008


Here is the bag i finished last night. This was my first attempt at a bag with sides, and a bottom (ok too many silly jokes about bums popped into my head then ;)) the outside of the bag turn out OK, but i made a big mess of the lining, i cut it too short compaired to the outer bag, and as a result the lining is about 1, 1/2 inches shorter so the bag doesn't seem to lie right. But this was my first attempt at this style of bag, plus i wasn't working from a pattern just from my head. So i'm still really pleased with the out come.
One thing i learned while making this is preparation is vital, but i do hate preparing things I'm more of lets just get to it and hope for the best. Which i know i can't do if i want to be able to sell my bags eventually. (oh i also realised dotty fabric isn't the easiest fabric to take pics of)
I hope eveyrone is having a SUPER September!


Dormouse said...

That bag is great. I love the lollipop material.

I'm not around much at the moment. I've picked up a few hours as a temporary kitchen skivvy at the private school up the road, covering for my friend who is off sick.

It's not much money but every little helps at the moment.

Dotty said...

The lollipop material was a bargain, from ebay, i can't remember if it was 89p a fat qauter or 79p.

Cool about the temporary job. :) Sad about your friend being sick though.

em's scrapbag said...

The bag is darling. And you made it without a pattern. Way to go. You did great!

mj said...

I love your bags! So super cute. I love cloth bags. I hope you are doing well Sweetie. Its meiko