Monday, 5 January 2009

I have not made anything for about 3 weeks now. I feel I need to get back at my machine soon. :)
But here are some things I made before Xmas, I know it's been and gone.

I made this cushion case for my little niece.

I also made this door hanger for her room!

I came up with a nifty idea for empty Ferrero Roche tubs, they are now sat on top on my desk with my cotton spools in, they are really handy because you can see what colours you have without routing through a box or drawer. I think how ever i could do with one more tub ;) but maybe thats because i want more choccies.

I also have a nice little pile of unfinished projects which i must get finished this month. And i refuse to start anything else until they are finished.

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corry said...

That heart is so sweet! unfinished projects...I have so many!!