Friday, 15 May 2009

Baby blanket.

I finally finished the baby quilt i was working on. But i'm not sure it should be called a quilt because it is one whole piece of fabric.
I embroidered around parts of the pattern, (which you can't really see on the photo's.) i added some ric rac on the front, and some ribbon on the back.
Also i am glad i was giving this away and i had a dead line to work too, or otherwise i am sure i would of put it in the box and not finished it. I am not 100% happy with the end result, mainly the binding because my hand sewing is still rather shoddy. And looking at it i think i should of gone for a wider binding. Plus there are atleast two wonky lines ;)
But hey i have to start some where and i am still happy with it :) I am just hoping my friend will like it, and she won't spot the mistakes :)

the front.

the back

All ready and waiting to give to my friend and her little baby girl.


Heleen said...

I like the blanket! your blanket is perfect. (I ones had a teacher who told me 'a blanket without a little mistake is not perfect'.)

Dotty said...

Oh i like that idea Hellen, i sure can make perfect things if i allow for a little mistakes :)