Sunday, 10 May 2009

I never did get around to finishing the first quilt i started. Here it is, i got it out of the box yesterday to try and get it finished finally. Well it seems when i started this quilt, i had no idea how to line up the seams :) I am tempted to unpick it all, but it seems a shame to do so since this was first one i should probably finish it warts and all. But i'm not sure i can finish it with all the wonky seams. So looks like i may be thinking more about this quilt than actually getting it done :)
I was going to add red love heart buttons to the polka dot squares, and add some embroidery to it. Maybe if i add all that the seams won't look to wonky ;)

Last week i managed to find some scrap bags for sale at one of the local fabric shops. I was so pleased with them, i really wish i had more of the white floral fabric, because it is gorgeous. While none of the pieces are big enough on there own, they are perfect for little purses, or as patches for pillows or quilts.
I have an idea to make a quilt out of all black and white fabrics, so i may keep them for that. But who knows when they will call out to me with a purpose.

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