Wednesday, 6 May 2009

Birthday cake is so yummy!!
Today is my birthday i am now 35, i'm not sure if i am middle aged or not. Im sure if i live to 70 then i AM middle aged, but if i live to 90 then i'm a few years off yet :) so i'm going for 90 because being middle aged seems a little scarey ;)

I didn't get any crafting stuff for my, i decided to spend it on clothing and shoes :) they were needed and not wanted. I am finding fashion very odd these days, either to old or to young, i hope to find better clothes for my personality soon hopefully.
My parents have sent me some money for my birthday which will arrive tomorrow so i still could spend some thing on crafting :) (well i know for sure i'm buying fabric, i'm just allowing myself to think i may spend it on something other than more buttons or fabric lol)

Speaking of crafting i think my machine needs to go back to the shop. It is totally refusing to play, and i am so happy i got the extended guarantee.
Peace out x x

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