Tuesday, 7 September 2010

Back to the sewing machine and blogging.

I have just started cross stitching a Santa, i have no idea if he will be finished in time for xmas but I'm hoping so, and trying to work on him as much as i can.
I haven't had much flair for sewing the past few weeks, i have hardly done anything creative. But i am finally coming out of that slump, and have started sewing a few bags which i'm trying to get finished by Friday, fingers crossed :)
I will be using this fabric for two of the bags, (this was a bag i made a few months back for my niece) the purple doens't really show up to well with my camera, but it such a lovely bright purple.

So i have a few Cross stitching and craft ideas to keep busy when those colder days and nights start to roll in. It's amazing how two weeks makes such a differance in temperature, i can see my scarves having to come out of the wardrobe soon :) Plus i am hoping to get back into blogging and will be back looking at bloggs for far to long. I don't seem to nosey around as much i use too, So off to find fabric candy and lovely makes to stare at.

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Ravenhill said...

What a cute bag! I look forward to seeing your cross stitch santa. I have never tried cross stitch. It looks like so much fun though.
emily xo