Monday, 31 January 2011

Reasons for not finishing Santa this year.

I never did get the Santa Cross stitch finished in time for Xmas last year. But i did manage to make lots of other things, to be honest i just kept getting distracted. I really should concentrate on one thing at a time, but I'm not sure i can do it. :)
Here are some of the things i did manage to get finished.

The bird was a little birthday gift for my lovely sister in law, the chart was from cross sticher magazine.

The monsters was also a chart from Cross stitcher magazine, and i decided to make the little matching softie to make a little birthday package for my Nephew. Who was seven just before Xmas.

The cushion was another birthday gift for my friend. I also made her the red one, which you can only see the corner of in this picture but i'm sure i have another pic of a cushion i made with this fabric on here some where. I have no idea why i didn't take more pics. Maybe i did take some and then deleted the others, because it's winter and my camera sucks so most of the pictures i take these days are just a little gloomy. And have to delete most of them.

I haven't updated in while but i hope to be updating more often again. <3

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