Tuesday, 26 July 2011

Tea or coffee.

If i were going to have a cuppa it would be full of coffee, i don't like tea at all. So why did i cross stitch a mouse pouring a cup of tea, you may ask?
Well it is because of that gorgeous tea pot he is pouring the tea from. It has taken me ages to frame this little guy, i cut the fabric far to small and then went on the hunt for a frame size that had to be perfect. I repainted this one that i found in a charity shop, and i super glued the little rose charms to it.

The "Ooh fancy a cuppa" has been listed on my Folksy shop, "Auntydotty"


Dormouse said...

They are very cute.

I'm impressed with your Folksy shop too. You've been busy!

Dotty said...
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Dotty said...

I have been busy Dor. :) how have you been? Are you still quilting to your hearts content? I love my quilt, it's out for the summer, i put it away in the winter, and love getting out each April. <3

Dormouse said...

I didn't do any sewing at all for ages but dug out some unfinished ones to show Martin's girlfriend and got all inspired. Sadly I was inspired to make a whole new one, not to get on and finish the ones that are waiting for their bindings. I'm SO bad for that. It's the only bit I don't really enjoy so I put off doing it. :)

We're all fine. How have things been for you?

Dotty said...

Oh my goodness where did our little boys go to? It seems so crazy that Martin is dating.
Please post a pic of your new quilt when it's done, and i'm sure your U.f.o's will be finished one day, just as mine will lol :)