Friday, 29 July 2011

Carry on Crafting.

So I opened up a folksy shop, and while i'm not expecting to make a fortune from the things I craft, it would be nice to be able to make enough money to "Carry on Crafting"
Like a lot of people in the U.k at the moment, our belts are tight. And with that being the case I seem to be getting very guilty lately about the cost of crafting because i'm sure that money could be spent else where that is more productive to our family.... My husband wanted me to add "yes like more sausages and bacon there can never be enough sauages and bacon" typical man answer.

But you've already guessed what comes next ;) I decided it keeps me sane, and well i'm sure my sanity is very important to my family, even more so than sausage and bacon. :P
I did how ever decided i will be cutting back on some things, no more magazines, unless they are really needed ( And wouldn't you know it there is about 3 i want and i only decided this on Monday)Also No more buying fabric until i utilse my fabric stash and get it down to atleast half of what it is now. And since i bought a lot of buttons last week, no more buttons for atleast 2 months (removes sweat from brow,) I'm sure i will be ok.

So i'm feeling a bit nervous about the Folksy store i kind of feel like i am putting my makes in the big ole wild world, and maybe thats where they will stay with no one to take them home. But hopefully eyes crossed ,' ) my makes will find a good homes.
I bet you didn't see him hiding in the first pic did you? Maybe the crafting isn't keeping me sane, who the hell hides Legomen in flowers when their mother inlaw is coming to stay for a week.

So i hope you are all able to Carry on Crafting .
Love Aunty Dotty <3

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Bellina Creations said...

I love the legoman! He's adorable!