Monday, 26 September 2011

Maybe a Month.....

So here is my desk all nice and clean. This picture was taken yesterday after about four hours of sorting through all my crafting things. Not just on, in and under my desk, but in the side board, the two wicker baskets at the side of the sofa, and the two bags with cross stitch in.
Yes i did it, i sorted it all out and it feels quite good to have a place for everything. I'm not sure how long this will last, (last time it was three weeks) I'm hoping this time at least a month lol. My hubby isn't hopeful at all he has given it a week. :P I think he may be right since it now has items on there that really shouldn't be on there, and for once there not mine. I'm thinking maybe a fresh vase of flowers to go on it when not in use, might make me keep the surfaces clean. So off to look for some flowers tomorrow i think.
And here's one on my little windows. As you can see from the candle holder with all the pencils in. I like Pencils!! :) I had a sort through my pencil box on Saturday, seriously you have no idea how many i have. If W.h smith ever closes down you know where to come.
That lovely little photo peeking out behind the Addams family card is my lovely Nanna Lee. She sadly died last year, and i have been missing her a lot lately. I miss her voice and her laugh, she knew how to have a good giggle. When i was six or seven she once taught me to do the Twist after watching "summer holiday" on the Television, she pushed the sofas back and we danced for ages. She also told me about her crush on Cliff Richard as a young girl, which made me giggle.
I really wish i had a photo of her when she was young, to share with you, she was a stunner my Nan

And this is my Nan's trifle bowl with a few of my bias bindings (and lots of fluff) in it. The bowl was on the last picture of my desk, but it had a huge pile of fabrics all over it.

I am thinking of making a Sewing machine cover, the original one is starting to look a bit worse for wear. So now I'm just on the look out for the perfect fabric, i have no idea what it is yet?

Love and fluff,
Dotty x


Shoogly Beads said...

Your post made me really is difficult to keep things tidy! I do try but things spill out all over the house...thankfully the other half of Shoogly Beads is worse!! Lovely photographs too...

Anonymous said...

this is art at its best beautiful colour
i can tell its made from the hart realy love this stuff dotty