Saturday, 24 September 2011

Warts and all!

So i decided i would start taking a picture of my work space every Friday. And I will be sharing it on a Saturday. The Warts and all of it, even if it looks like complete chaos.
I wouldn't call this too messy, i know where everything is, and what pile of fabrics is going to be used. The skull bag is now all finished and is lined with a lovely hippy fabric, and sewn with a Lime green cotton around the top of the bag and the handles. I also used a lovely lime green flower button. I know it sounds a little weird lol, but it is lovely, and my Lovely niece Sophie is going to love it (well i hope so)
With the left over fabric from the half metre i bought, i made some lovely little girly pirate looking bags which hopefully will sell on Folksy but if not i will be giving them to my nieces Aleysha and Olivia for Halloween.
I have actually sat here and thought "erm i wonder if i can get away with making one for myself" Well at 37 i'm thinking maybe i'm a little to old for a skull/hippy tote bag, but i would love pulling this bag out when I'm at Tescos to pack my veggies into it. Erm.... I'm still very undecided on if i will make one or not.

And this is my ideas and inspiration washing line :) I'm going to give the desk a good clean on a Sunday and remove some things from the washing line of ideas and add new things for the week. I think i will take a picture of the desk all nice and clean on Sunday and post it so you can see how clean it can look lol.

I know some people have amazing spaces to work from, and i love having a nosey around their spaces so i thought i would share mine too. While mine isn't beautiful, it is still my little piece of what ~i love to do~.
OMG i do wish i had a whole room to myself, but there is no space in our house. So i am squeezed behind the small sofa and right next to my husbands desk in the living room.
I do have six little windows in the wall between the hall way and the living room, and it is perfect for sticking all my crap on. And it gets full of crap :) I might change that around more too, but not weekly more on a Monthly time scale.
I know it really should be kept cleaner since it's in the living room, and sometimes it really is lovely and clean. But that usually only lasts one day and then i get loads of ideas and well they have to go some where and it's usually here.
Sometimes the pile gets so high and i have to have a good ole sort out and then move them to the sideboard, which is in the living room too. I have drawers full of pieces of fabric pinned together with little notes on them, and on those little notes i have either drawn or written on them, they are just sat there waiting to become makes. Maybe one day i will catch up.

Love and choc chips
Dotty x


UniquelyYours said...

Loved it! I do have a room, well shared with the ironing, but it`s no better, heaps of stuff everywhere. Confession time: I also keep bags beside the sofa and current projects on it. Ooops.


Romi and Bob said...

It's rather pretty. I love Matroyska doll pegged up. I might have to do a pic of mine, but you may faint with horror!

Dotty said...

Oh no i made you both confess :)
I have bags at the side of the sofa too Linda.
I'm sure i wouldn't faint Romi, because mine gets really bad sometimes and i probably have built up a tolerence to messy desks :)