Saturday, 17 September 2011

Home sweet home

I have made a few cross stitch samplers this year, a lot of them saying home sweet home :)
I suppose i'm my happiest at home, and there is no place i would rather be and this reflects in a lot of the things i make. A made a few pin cushions a while back all based on being home.
I have an amazing veiw over Torquay were i can see lots and lots of houses all pilled in on top of each other. I often sit here looking out of my window at all those homes and wonder if all those people are glad to be home, what was there day like, and would "home sweet home" mean anything to them at all. I hope so, i really think home should be the best place to be. But i think one of my fav samplers is the one i mad for Mothers day back in March, which i forgot to show on here. I actually managed to sell this one to a friend.
I still have the blue and red home sweet home samplers, i'm actually thinking of keeping them if they don't sell soon. The more i look at them, the more i want to keep them lol.

Love n choc chips
Dotty x

I just wanted to add, can you see the reflection of my little pinky pointing up in the air, while taking the picture of the mum sweet mum sampler, seriously what a nerd.


Ello Design said...

These are beautiful, lovely colours! I love the Mum one especially :)

Leanne x x

Handmade by Emily said...

Those samplers are so lovely and very elegant in those colours. Thanks for the sweet comment on my blog too.

Emily x