Monday, 12 September 2011

A little Halloween. In September :)

It was one of those horrid wet weekends in Devon, rain, cloudy windy then sunny and then it started all over again. So Saturday and Sunday were stay at home days and i decided to watch "Hocus pocus" and "Practical Magic" my two favourite Witch films.
I wanted the inspiration for some Halloween crafting, and i came up with these two trick or treat bags and some halloween bunting.

I really love this fabric and this is the last piece :( i have looked every where for it, but it is a few years old and has been sat in my fabric stash for about two years. I am truly sad to see it go it is so bloody cute.I am also down to my last metre and a half of this witch fabric, I think i will make some tote bags and more little trick or treat bags and say good bye to it for ever maybe another bunting. I am how ever looking forward to some new fabrics that are coming in the post, both of these are from "Fabric inspirations" i love their fabrics, i usually spend far to much time on there looking at Fabrics, my fav section is the little floral section so many pretty prints.The skull one will be for my nieces school book bag, and well i really love the witch fabric i'm thinking of making a veggie bag for myself which can pulled out every October. :)

Hope your September is being good to you x

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