Monday, 3 October 2011

This was the mess on my idea line last Sunday. As you can see i must of been in Halloween mode. :) I know my drawings are a bit crap, but they still give me lots of ideas. Like for the first time ever i thought "erm maybe i can get some cards printed". I have some funny quotes to go with the little vampires which does need improving. And I still haven't unpicked that bloody ladybird bag, i will do though this weekend!!

I did manage to get a few things finished this week, but i need to take some new pictures, and it's so dark today i don't think i will be bale to get any good photos until it brightens up.

I ordered some lovely brown and orange fabrics, they looks so Autumnal.
I have noticed one thing i like to do is leave my fabrics clearly in eye sight so i can keep looking at them until i know what to do with them. So at the moment my new fabrics are on the floor in the living room all lined up near the sideboard, I think they will become tote bags and gift bags, but i may tackle a doll because there is one fabric which would look lovely as a dolls dress, i do have an idea about how it will look but i probably won't get round to it.

This week has been a rough one, lots of illness flying around our home at the moment, we seem to be playing chuckle brothers with a cold, "to me, to you" :P
Hopefully next week i will be able to get some things finished.

I hope your homes are full of good health,

Love and sneezes
Dotty x x

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