Sunday, 9 October 2011

Hocus pocus.

Here are my finished Witchy bags, I really do love these. Both fabrics were a delight to work with, they were just the right thickness for tote bags, and the quality was just lovely. The brown spotty one called "Endora's dots" is by Alexander Henry, and the name got me right away since i am huge fan of"Bewitched" and i always loved Sam's mum Endora :)Here is the inside of the bag, it is fully reversible, and i have lined the pocket with an old cord skirt from M&S which i bought and sadly never got into.
But gone are the days of buying things two sizes too small, so i will loose weight and get into them. Nope i will now only be buying clothes that fit me right there and then, even if that sizes ranges from a 10-14. I'm a 12 at the mo right bang in the middle and i'm quite happy here. But what on earth possessed me to buy a size 8, (well i do it was probably Aunt Flo visiting she's a bitch and always make me feel fat, ugly blah). So i cut up that skirt, which felt so liberating and gave it a good use, instead of dust gather in the back of the wardrobe :)

Here is the little trick or treat bag a made with the left overs from the 2 x 1/2 metres i bought. I also used a bit of the left overs in a crazy patchwork cushion front, which i am not sure if it is just a little crazy, i have hung it on the ideas line, to see if it grows on me. I will hope fully finish it before Halloween.....
One thing i don't like about the winter is my house hardly gets any light, and my photo's look far too dark, these ones look ok, but this was the second lot, the first lot were so dark couldn't use them.
I'm off now to paint the nails on the other hand, i have been painting my nails while i uploaded the pics "All fired up" By Revlon, which worked out perfect five pics for five red nails. But it takes all my concentration to paint the other hand, so bye for now before i forget, and go out with one hand painted and one plain, and yes i have done this before ;) .
Love and nail polish
Dotty x


Lorna May said...

Great way to recycle and fantatsic result.
I LOVE Bewitched...classic tv.

{dab and a dash.}

Bellina Creations said...

Aww love these. So cute!