Monday, 20 February 2012

It's like Prozac.

I don't think i have ever talked about my health on here, and i won't get into the details of how long, or how ill i have been.
But i wanted to say my health was the reason i started crafting again. I was house bound and bored out of my head, and it all started from one Cross stitcher magazine i bought years ago. When your stuck in for days on end due to pain, fatigue and feeling like poop! Making and crafting really helps to take your mind off it all, it's some thing that can be controlled. I can not control the pain, but i can control the stitches :)
And well when i look at the cuteness of this fabric that i used for this girls bag i can't help but think "Yeah how bloody cute is that, and it helps brings a smile to my face, just look at that cute little frog peeking out from the inside of the bag.

Here is my Apple house wall hanging, where a little fairy lives inside and she loves to bring colour to the world through her bright and cheery garden and Rainbow coloured fence.
So this is the reason why i craft, it is like my Prozac, it helps me get through the day, it  helps make me happy with no nasty side effects, other than cotton every where. :) Oh and the hubby just kicked a tub of buttons i left on the floor. with lid off so now there every where too ;)

I hope what ever you do today, you get to do atleast one thing that makes you happy.

Peace and love Donna x x x


Anonymous said...

It's adorable! And made with love, just like you! Hope you are feeling okay....think of you often. XOXO

little brick house said...

Your designs are lovely, especially love the stitched skull. Brilliant!