Friday, 2 March 2012

Pattern of life.

I am fabric and pattern loving geek and  here are a few of the things i have been upto lately.
 This was my Welsh folksy challenge, it's a shame the photo doesn't show how bright the colours are, because the orange DMC thread i used is my favourite colour at the moment. I also may have to take another photo because it really isn't as wobbly as it looks :) I really enjoyed making it, i have no idea  why but every time i stitched it i sang "you make me feel so young, you make me feel like spring has sprung" Over and over again i might add, because that's the only part of the song i know.
Cariad means "Love"  in Wales.

 This is my sugar skull pin cushion, with pins in the eyes, because I'm evil like that :) i will do a few more of these, but in lots of different colours. I will tweak them a bit, and maybe give them all Physco names.
Pattern on pattern? I suppose this top doesn't go with this skirt, but well i don't care lol. I am a pattern loving girl and i usually look like nothing matches, but even i wasn't sure about this. But when i love 2 things as much as this top and skirt i suppose it was only a matter of time before they clashed :)

At the moment i am working on the Irish Folksy challenge, i am loving it. I will mainly be listening to "The Coors", "Thin Lizzy and "the Cheiftains" to get that Irish blood in me flowing and creating.

I hope every one is having a Marvelous March!

Love and Luck
Donna Marie x


Anonymous said...

I love the crafts! I very much like your top/skirt. Remember, it does not have to 'match' it just has 'to go together'....and it does!

BTW, I love the pins for eyes in the skull. Does that make me a bad person? :)

Dotty said...

Kathy i don't think it does make you a bad person. Well only because i love it too, and thats why i stuck the pins in there :)

I miss our old haunt, x x x x