Thursday, 8 March 2012

Laura Ashley blues, Ooh and purples too.

I went into my local Laura Ashley in town, and fell in love with all the different shades of blues, and purples they have in store right now. This is my fav blue in there at the moment, i just love this skirt,
Aren't the colours and print  just beautiful.

So while i was walking around fondling the fabrics, it got me thinking about sewing a picture using only blue and purple threads. The woman in there must of thought at  one point that i was stalking her, i went in there three times one week but i was gathering inspiration. :)

So i set about it, and this is what i came up with. This is just my sample, since well the letters are a little more than wobbly, and i haven't quite learnt how to finish the corners off when stretching fabric over a canvas.
     Each heart is a different shade of blue or purple, and well i love how one trip to my Fav shop could turn into something i love.
 See here is the back and it looks rather messy, and the corners aren't to good either. But I'm sure with practise i will get so much better at this.

       In other news, i am working on a new blog. I have loved this blog and when i was ill it was my escape. I would come on here and waffle on about my passion for fabrics, threads, buttons, baking, or what ever else would take my fancy.
 I once reread it all the way through, with a few glasses of wine and it made me smile to think how much i have changed  from when i started this blog.
 I don't really want to say good bye to it, but i have too. I want to have business cards made up and i know it looks more professional to have the same shop name, email, and blog name. So i will be saying good bye to this one on the 2nd of April. And will be sharing my new one with the World wide web.   Still blank for now. :)
I will have two give aways when i start my new blog, one for U.K peeps and one for my U.S.A/ Canadian friends. I decided that i will start shipping over seas in April, so a give away seemed a good way to see how much it will cost and how long it takes to get where it's suppose too.

I will still update on here until April, Dotty about sewing is where my dreams began, But Maisy lee designs is where i will make it happen. :)

I hope your all having a Magic March.
All  my Love and Luck
Donna Marie



Jax said...

I think it lovely, well done.
Blue and purple are my fave colours to.
I wish you well in your new blog venture and selling abroad.
Jax x

liz said...

I just found you from a post on another blog. Lovely embroidery, and good luck with your new veture.

Anonymous said...

I love your inspiration skirt/fabric! I was excited when I first saw it, thinking you sewed that yourself and was going to ask you if you would make another and sell it!

The Home Sweet Home piece that was borne from your inspiration is lovely! You go on to criticize the finishing of letters and the back, but quite honestly, you notice it more than others do. And, part of the charm of your handiwork is that it is 'real', not machine produced and made with love.

Best of luck on your new site....I will follow you there too.


Dotty said...

Thankyou for the comments ladies.

Kathy about the lettering, you know i have a problem right ;)
But i also decided to keep it because i learnt so much doing this picture. It kind of set me free and allowed me to let go, i know sounds silly right. So thats the other reason i want to keep it for ever, even if it was suppose to be for sale. :)


11 March 2012 15:06