Monday, 22 September 2008

Sunny September.

The weather has been so beautiful here lately, we have had the chance to get in a few beach days! I found lots of lovely shells on this beach. It was a glorious day. I love living near the sea it is so refreshing to walk on the beach.
We also obviously had to have ice cream, since the beach and ice cream go hand in hand, don't they? I had mint choc chip my fav :)

We also got some new bedroom wardrobes and chest of drawers which were flat packed, they were fun to put up ;) but i now have a place to hang my clothes.
My bedroom now looks like a bedroom, i have sorted out my desk yet again, i really need to learn to put my crafting things in the right place, since i have to clean it up atleast once a month ;) (i know not good)
But i also bought myself some wicker baskets to put all my material and bits in, (which were a bargain from Morrison, £9 for three) i am also going to buy myself a pinboard to keep those scrap bits and peices that seem to get every where. Now to keep it all clean!
And i must say it never gets dirty just untidy ;)

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Dormouse said...

My desk always seems to get messy. I end up with scraps all over the place despite having boxes to put stuff in.

The weather has been lovely here too. It's been really nice waking the dogs.

My friend is still signed off so I've got another weeks work. It is very tiring but quite fun. The people are really nice. Not much time for anything else though.

Dotty said...

Do you think you'll stay on at the school, or is it just until your friend gets back?
Glad your enjoying it so much :)

I'm glad i'm not the only messy one. ;)

Heleen said...

yes, the see is lovely! so were the bags!

Dormouse said...

I'm supposed to be covering if anyone in the kitchen gets sick. I kkind of hope they don't go off sick too often. I'm knackered!!! :)

Ravenhill said...

How lovely to have a "new" bedroom! My husband loves to put furniture together too. I don't... Good to have a division of labour!

Brook said...

that beach is beautiful!