Sunday, 5 October 2008


My first little booty for the Merry xmas sign i am making.
My blanket stich is finally getting neater, but still isn't as polished as i would like.

My first little wall hanging for my kitchen. I think my lettering needs work, but i also think the scruffiness of the writing adds to the appeal ;)

I have nearly finished my birdhouse cross stitch, i have about an hour of stitching left. It has taken me ages..................It isn't because the design is hard, or even that big, but more of a it has so many colour changes, and thats why it seems to of taken me for ever.
Once this is finished, i'm going to start a kit my husband bought me for my birthday 4 years ago :) lol That i begged for, and which was the most exspensive kit i have ever had, and yet it hasn't been stitched yet. So i will be starting it tomorrow night, i have already sorted out the threads.

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Heleen said...

I want to have a cup of tea! it looks real sweet!