Friday, 26 August 2011

Where did the mojo go?

So on the make departments at the begining of last month i did something we all dread, i absolutely ruined it in the last five Min's.
I finally found a frame for this cherry cross stitch picture i had intended to give it away to my lovely dear Aunty, and then i went and put a nice burn mark on it :( i still framed it and it is now has pride and place in a very dark corner in the hall way :) Here it is before the burn mark <3 My son said the burn looks like the shadow of a table and looks like it should be there but i'm sure he was just trying to cheer me up lol
I also had a wonderful idea to do a picture and well that went totally wrong too, and there will be no pics of that becasue well it was a totally botched job. And the list of mistakes went on and on atleast another six or seven items got botched up. So i decided to take a weeks break obvioulsy my crafting mojo had left the building.

But i am so glad to say that this past week or two i finally have found my mojo.
So here are a few of the things i did manage to finish and not screw up :P x xx x

I am messing about with pin cushions but trying to make them a little arty, i'm not sure my drawing skills could really be called art, but i am loving how some of these are turning out, this is my fav one upto now xSee that tiny little patch, i loved that fabric so much because of it's cuteness, i was not willing to let any go to waste , so i cut it as thrifty as possible and used the tiny amount i had left to embelish this bag.
I made two of these crayon rolls, one for my nephew and one for my little cousin.
I am now hoping that my Crafting Mojo will stay put and not disapear on me ever again <3
Here's to the return of mojo.
And speaking of Mojo, I really do wish the "Power puff girls" were back on the telly. Mojo jojo has to be my fav cartoon villian ever! :P


Mimi said...

Thank you Dotty for commenting on my blog and the compliment. I love all the things you are working, too.

Tweed Delights said...

Hiya! Thanks for stopping by my blog :) Love your new 'makes', especially the gorgeous pincushion. Good luck with your Folksy shop - I think you will do great :D