Thursday, 22 September 2011

And one for the metal heads

I bought this burnt wood picture frame from the pound shop. I thought wow what a bargain, and it will be perfect for the idea i had for this Slayer cross stitch (for all those none metal heads out there, Slayer are a thrash metal band)
Well let me just say i will never buy a frame from the pound shop again, (that being said i have another 2 black frames i got from there and am now worried they will be just as crap) i removed the glass to polish it up, and well i could not get the glass back in the frame since the frame is slightly crooked, i'm sure you can see the crookedness in the photo, the thickness of the backing board is far to thick to put a cross stitch picture into and well the frame basically sucks, and the burnt wood got all over my stitching and i had to rewash it twice. I know you can't expect much for a pound but i suppose i did expect to be able to use it as a frame, damn it.
Now i'm wondering if i should make it into a pin cushion i'm sure there is a sewing mad, metal head out there just looking for a place to rest their pins.
Not sure this would sell over on Folksy would it be considered adult content because of the swearing lol. I must look into it.

So yesterday I decided i am going to finish two cross stitch pictures i started ages ago, my lovely santa i started last year, and a Sausage dog for my sister inlaw. I will also make a few Halloween themed bags after i finish my nieces bag today.
I have been ill all week and it feels like i have lost far to many days, i have done nothing crafty all week besides unpick some of the sausage dog.
I can't believe it's Thursday already, being ill just wipes day out of your life.

Heres to good health and happiness.
Love and choc chips
<3 Dotty x


Handmade by Emily said...

Love the Slayer cross stitch!

Emily x

Dotty said...

thanks Emily <3