Wednesday, 12 October 2011

Washing machine blues.

So our washing machine started to die a few weeks ago. It kind of worked, but i couldn't let it spin properly to it's max speed, so every time it went on a spin cycle i had to jump up and go and turn it off, otherwise it would go hells bells crazy and start walking, while making a rather loud hammer drill noise. We really didn't have the spare cash. Sad state of affairs here at the moment, i suppose like a lot of other people in the U.K at the moment. So Any way back to the point, so we got the money together, and we bought a new machine and it came today :) Woohooo no more going into the kitchen 15 mins after it being on, then at 23 mins and then at 29. No more washing by hand, and well best of all no more going to the laundrette. We did it once and well let me tell you that was once to many, there are some proper weirdos in those places and thats only the people that work there ;).
But i now have a new problem, every time the machine goes to go on spin i think i have to jump up, i swear i can feel my heart beating faster, and my adrenaline kicking in everytime it starts a spin cycle. It is now on it's third cycle and i feel like i have ran a marthon, i bloody knackered and i haven't done anything. So i think thats enough washing for today i don't think my poor ticker can take it, lets hope tomorrow my mind adjusts and realises no more walking, banging making noises from hell washing machine has now left the building, and i can just relax when i stick the washing on.

Arrr off to make a cocoa i think.

Love and bubbles

Dotty x


Elisa Loves said...

LOL! Great Blog Dotty. You commented on a post re Banana muffins and if you drop me an email on I can send you receipe. For some reason it won't let me comment!!
Elisa :)

Dotty said...

Thankyou Elisa, i just sent you an email :)