Sunday, 4 December 2011

Xmas crafting.

I have been busy making lots of Xmas items the past few weeks. Here are a few of the things i made. I love how the Xmas house came out, and it was a bonus i that i got to use all the scraps from the Christmas bunting i made. I decided to add ribbon to the back of the frame, so that would look pretty too :) Probably a waste of money in hindsight but it is does look so pretty.                                
I made these little Xmas tree ornaments i have made about 5 up to now, 2 are on my Folksy shop. (Auntydotty) I am making some in red and some in navy blue. Each one is differant from next one. I think i like the look of it stiched on the 11 count Aidia since it gives them a lovely rustic look, and the twine adds to this look.
Here it is on 14 count with a Satin ribbon. And topped with a  Swarovski Crystal.

Love and Tinsel
<3 Dotty x

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